Netherlands roaming issue

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I had the issue again when entering The Netherlands from Germany where for the first about 15 minutes I could only access the internet when connected to my VPN. After that it was fine without needing the VPN. The Fritz app VPN was dropping any time I had a drop in mobile signal, so I had to reconnect a few times while traveling on the train.

I’m using a Fairphone 4.

Has anyone else had a similar issue. It’s as though the phone is accepted into the network but only some of the settings like DNS are available after a short time rather than straight away.

Sounds very much like the issue I was having

Though I was coastal and never really got to the bottom of it.

Some webpages were loading, but eg email wasn’t connecting (Imap). And my vpn seemed to connect, but then didn’t pass any traffic…

Just going by this forum, there’s definitely something going wrong

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Which coast were you on and did you get a notification saying that you had roamed to another country?

North Norfolk coast. Noticed because my phone started displaying two times :joy:

When I was back on domestic, then it started playing up. Resolved once home

Interesting I’ve not heard of issues on the Norfolk/Suffolk coast, I’d have thought you were a bit far from the Dutch coast to get a mobile signal from there, though with clear line of sight that might be possible. I’ve not noticed the issue when there, though have heard of it happen under the cliffs of Dover. Could you have connected to a ferry/ship access point?

Hmm, hadn’t thought of that. There’s plenty of wind farms along that stretch with all the activity that entails, so it’s possible.

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Thanks for raising this. We will make some enquiries and get back to you ASAP.

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I had roaming issues in Sweden for about 2 months where texts would not come though, AT ALL. kinda sucked when or nhs sent me security codes.
data always worked flawlessly though… so who knows…

Sorry to hear about the issues you faced in Sweden @modano please do contact us via email at / if any issue arises in the future and we will do our best to act swiftly and get you back up and running.