The bad experiences gigathread

(Johnny) #21

Another reason to look forward to Zevvle!

(Andre Borie) #22

There’s so much wrong with this it hurts my eyes.

First of why is their sender name with dashes? I’d expect to see this on kids’ usernames on gaming platforms, not a reputable (well that’s what they’re trying to be at least :joy:) carrier. It is also inconsistent, other texts from them will be without the dashes, and so on…

Also why provide an example? The system already has access to your name, why can’t it also access your price plan and give you real numbers? Why is it up to you to calculate this?

Also the HTTP (not HTTPS, so just what you wanted for insecure public Wi-Fi) link to a redirect/link stalking service is the cherry on top. Is it too hard to link directly to or whatever? That link also goes to a third-party, so it’s safe to say those guys don’t even have the infrastructure to send such notifications directly and are outsourcing to a third-party (the same that powers multiple SMS spam campaigns btw).

Finally I’m not impressed by them having to do this at all. Not only do I think it’s not worth it (the customer confusion and thus support overhead, bad user experience and overall negative feeling it induces - nobody likes paying more) but also, are they that desperate? 2.7% is peanuts, can’t they just cover it and leave existing customers as-is (plus, it then becomes a perk for staying longer with them, as new customers will pay the new prices while existing customers keep the original pricing).

(Andre Borie) #23

Speaking of bad experiences I’ve had one with a popular cable (“fibre” as they call it) provider in the UK with red branding. :wink:

I called to cancel and after the automated “retentions” BS (the phone IVR offered me a few quid discount in exchange of a new 12 months contract… laughable), they agreed to disconnect it in 30 days (as per the contract) - to their credit, the advisor was very good with it and didn’t try to push further once I told them I needed more than 20Mbps of upload).

The problem is that apparently it was cancelled immediately… which is great when the new leased line will take around 30 days to install… so I call back the next day and after 20 minutes on hold they claim they cancelled the original disconnection and scheduled a new one for 30 days (they were also surprised how the first one was immediate).

The connection came back the same day but I’m still expecting more nasty surprises (either the new scheduled disconnection won’t happen, and the next one will conveniently take 30 days this time, after I’ve already got the new internet installed and have no use for that one), or they’ve silently subscribed me to a new 12-month contract just to get the connection working again.