The night before


It’s (almost) time – we’re shipping the first SIM cards tomorrow (Friday, May 31st); our iOS app is ‘Pending Developer Release’ and the Android app is waiting for the publish signal.

Thank you so much for waiting, it means a heck of a lot to us. :pray: I’ll try to get a blog post + email out as well.


EDIT: Our supplier asked that we don’t ship SIMs today (deploying on a Friday & launching into a weekend…), but everything else will go ahead (app, signup, etc.) – we’ll post them tomorrow instead so the first SIMs arrive on Monday.


Yay! How will we know if we have been selected for a sim? Will it just arrive?

Also, how can I update the address I gave when I first signed up?


Seconding the “how do we find out we are in” question


I’ve taken the plunge and ordered my PAC code from my current operator. Hopefully I’ll be able to use it before the next bill in a couple of weeks.

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You both are! Everyone on the forum is. You’ll need to download the app and sign up when that goes live. Normally, there’d be a waiting screen and we’d send an individual email when the SIM is ready.

You gave an address…? We don’t have anyones details yet (besides email); you’ll enter it when signing up. :slight_smile:

Wow! We don’t have an interface for porting yet; message us in the app when you sign up and we’ll get it done. I’ll clarify that in a post later.


If I had a dual sim phone, I’d have probably ran both in tandem for a month or two. I’m one of those mad people who like to support smaller companies. I’ve been getting a little annoyed with the account info pages going offline frequently. Then there’s the price increase, though they had several deals on offer that could have brought the price down, but the over bundle charges are just annoying.


Woo, what time can we expect you to hit the magic button?

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Stand by, waiting for the app listing to propagate… also, and I’ll address this in the blog post – we’ve had to delay the Android app until tomorrow. As we’re now posting SIMs tomorrow, they’ll still arrive at the same time. :slight_smile:


Go, go, go!

I’ve already signed up (and submitted a logo correction to Monzo)!

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How did you get the app? I searched for Zevvle in the iOS App Store and still nothing… :frowning:

I’ll submit a logo to Starling too.

The Apple Gods must love me today! Although I think me fingers are on fire from refreshing!

Can you send me a link to that (use the share button)? Still nothing on my end (I blame caching)…

Blog en route with some details, the iOS link is :slight_smile:

It’s always caching :roll_eyes:


We’ll blow me over with a feather. Can’t believe my luck today! Logo already updated!

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