Updated pricing 👀

Hello! Short, but hopefully useful update today: we’ve lowered the pricing on some of our plans:

  • The unlimited calls & texts add-on is now £4 instead of £5.
  • The cost of the 30 GB and 60 GB plans have decreased by £2 and £7 respectively.

You can see the changes on our pricing page.

We also updated our Terms and Conditions to version 1.3; the only difference is that the ‘Auto Top-up’ section now applies to the shared data plans as well. We haven’t added anything new.

Have a great week :blush:

- Nick


I’m not sure where my maths had gone wrong but the 30GB was £15 but it’s now £13? That’s only a £2 drop?

Was it not £15 before? It’s difficult to tell what makes up the price in you calculator so I don’t know where I’ve gone wrong :worried:

[edit] just compared my previous bill to my next expected bill and it has only dropped by £2 not £3

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Meanwhile …


You’re right — sorry about that, it’d be a £3 total drop if you included the unlimited calls & texts, that’s my mistake. Edited the original post. :slight_smile:


That seems to be a common theme currently. The big operators seem to be hiking their prices, meanwhile MVNOs have been at their cheapest for years.


OFCOM should really investigate how after weeks of independent hard work, Vodafone came up with the exact same figure as EE that they need for their future investment.

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