4G and WiFi calling rolling out to EE PAYG

The 4G calling and WiFi calling features are rolling out to EE PAYG customers.

Is this the start of these features moving from premium features to standard features that are expected to be available everywhere to all customers?


1pmobile also has 5G now, before EE PAYG customers.

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The start, possibly — I believe it’s on its way for everyone. We were hoping to get those features this year, but there’ve been a few further delays with 'rona.

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VoLTE, Wifi calling and 5G is working on 1Pmobile so good to see features rolling out to MVNOs.

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In the meantime, EE won’t even give 5G to existing Contract customers unless they upgrade, which I can’t do for another month despite me (the company I work for) wanting to give them more money!

EEs policies with Contract vs PAYG and direct vs MVNO has always baffled me!

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If you are sticking with EE, upgrade before 7th July if possible.

O2 does (or at least did) the same. I guess the strategy of disallowing mid-contract upgrades is to scare people into going for bigger plans than they need “just in case”.