5G is activated!

I’m delighted to confirm that we have enabled 5G access for all Zevvle customers, this should be active now.

Please note that in order to enjoy the benefits of 5G, you need a 5G-enabled device and be in an area where 5G coverage is available.

You can check EE’s 5G coverage here EE Coverage & Network Status Checker | Check your signal

If you do not wish 5G to be enabled on your sim(s) please let me know and I will deactivate it for you.

The other question that has come up frequently is when we can expect WIFI calling to become available through Zevvle. I’m pleased to report that you can expect this to be operational by the end of this summer, I will keep you updated with a more specific date in due course.



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At 490Mb/s it would be possible to use up the maximum amount that a SIM can use in a month (60GB) in less than er 17 minutes! Are there any plans to increase that limit and offer bigger data bundles?

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Thank you @smsm1 for the suggestion, this has been an area we have been discussing since purchasing the network. There are a few considerations we need to work through.

A question for the community, would it be popular if we were able to offer a bundle above the current 60GB maximum?

Price will be a significant factor, as how I use the phone/tethering will factor into the things I do with the phone. Generally I don’t need 60GB so far, however with more travel again after the pandemic my usage has been increasing again, which is why I’ve moved up a bundle to 30GB per month.

Depending on how much travel and remote working that I do will determine the amount of data that I’ll need. Having the option to flex up for a month or two is useful. Not needing to know at the start of the month if I’m going to use more than a multiple of 3GB above my current tariff would be useful too. Options to use more data for short notice travel and working remotely, or when my FTTP line has stopped working are also factors.

Cheap data means that when travelling I’d be more willing to say stream or backup some video, whereas now I’ll keep that to a minimum. I currently backup the photos over the air automatically. Additionally backing up video as soon as it’s taken would be another example. Ask me a decade or two ago how much data I’d be using or how I’d be using it, I’d be speculating as I was using less back then.


Stand alone per sim bundles or part of shared data but each SIM can go over 60GB?

My situation is similar to Shaun, if it’s an option then why not have it available?

Thanks for this very helpful response @smsm1, it’s always useful to hear how people use data and what would be useful for them.

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Thanks for the response @kolok, I had in mind a standalone sim bundle. Watch this space for some news.

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EE are now saying 50% of the population are now covered by 5G. Now for 50+% geographic coverage.


This makes me wonder if a sim could be toggled to not have LTE support?
I find myself getting through data quite fast on 4G as it is… (I get about 40-50mbps on 4G where I live) and it could be an interesting option

Does anything need to be done to get 5G enabled. I can get 5G on my Direct EE SIM but not Zevvle. I’ve got the Zevvle SIM in a phone alongside my iPhone 13 Pro Max with the Direct EE SIM in.

It’s not the phone (OnePlus 9 Pro) as I did get 5G when I had my Direct EE SIM in.

It’s not location specific either; I don’t get 5G anywhere even when the other SIM does.

I’m wondering as I’m a very early customer that perhaps my SIM needs something doing to it?

I had 5G showing, however for the past month or so I’ve not seen 5G showing at all, even in places that I would expect it. I wonder if it’s been disabled?

Could possibly be the case, I’ve never really paid much attention as I’ve not been actively using my Zevvle SIM for some time but noticed now I’m actively using it again.

I’ve been playing around with CellMapper and with a bit of Google Grease, the general consensus seems to be that if 5G DCNR Restricted (EPS feature) is true, it’s likely that the SIM is not being allowed to use 5G by the Carrier rather than it not working.

Unfortunately, my Direct EE SIM is now an eSIM so I can’t pop it out to double-check 5G still works on EE in the OnePlus 9 Pro but I have no reason to doubt it does, it definitely used to.

I know that I wasn’t in a particularly good signal area when I took the screenshot, but it looked the same in a better signal area and, again, my iPhone 13 Pro Max was connecting to 5G (albeit 1 bar and actually unusable!)

Thanks for the information here, we are looking into this at the moment and will get back to you shortly. We haven’t disabled 5G.


Thanks again for flagging this @Chalky and @smsm1 we have identified the issue and have corrected it. 5G should be fully operational again shortly, thanks again.


Just checked and I’m getting 5G again. Thanks for fixing.

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All good here too!

Thanks for getting it back up and running again!


Very good to see that wi-fi calling is on its way too - wonder if there is any update on this yet?


Hello @749121 good to hear from you!

The most recent estimate in our innovation roadmap is that we will be rolling out Wifi calling in quarter 3 this year. I’ve requested a further update now and we will keep everyone updated on the forums. Have a great day!