A small update

Hello all,

It’s been quiet around here, and elsewhere, for a while now. To get straight to it, I haven’t been well and have struggled to cope. Zevvle has suffered because of it, which I understand is really f’ing annoying as a customer, and ironic given my motivations for starting in the first place.

For the bad service I am sorry, and although you owe myself/Zevvle nothing, I hope you’ll believe me when I say none of this is intentional. I’m not sat here thinking “Yes! I charged someone £2 for incorrectly changing their contract!”; it’s a more tortured feeling. Even so, it’s frustrating, and you have every right to be annoyed at me. You’re not forgotten, and I am getting around to dealing with everything.

Also, your phone numbers are safe, 5G and Wi-Fi calling are en-route, and…

On the bright side

Zevvle is going to be fine — great, even — and in the next week-or-so I’ll have some good news to share about the future of the company. This isn’t a “pray and hope for better times,” but a clear path to improving on and rectifying my awful service in the last few months.

Back soon :heart:

- Nick


Sadly I still didn’t get a reply to my support ticket, so that’s very very disappointing I must say.

There’s always high risk with a one or two person show, particularly starting up. Very glad to hear you’re well and looking ahead!

Hope you get better :heart:

And I’m looking forward to the news next week.

Edit; is SIM despatching back to normal at the moment?

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Have I missed an announcement somewhere?

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@nick Any chance of you catching up with emails?
My sims no longer “active”

Shiny new website zevvle.com


woah!!! the new site is super pretty!

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Sorry, the “week or so” was longer than expected… waiting for a website deploy to go live now.

Yes, will be with you shortly, thank you Kate.

Thanks :eyes: don’t think I can go back to non-interactive home pages after this…