ALL the call records


Procrastinating this morning, we’ve added a page to see every call record at, with a sub-menu under Usage in the sidebar.

Screenshot 2021-02-24 at 16.22.18

Unlike the feed which groups data by day, this is each individual record. You can then click to view further details as well:

Have a good evening :sunglasses:

- Nick


This is interesting.

Could you make the back button work on mobile so that it goes to the same position in the list rather than the top of the call record list please?

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Noted! Will do :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Could you allow filtering these (in case we’re looking for a text or call in amongst a sea of data sessions) and did your supplier ever get back to you regarding a solution for that incoming call records thing we spoke about a while ago?


That’d be the next step! :sweat_smile:

Let me follow up on that; I believe it’s been pushed down the to-do list in favour of e.g. Wi-Fi calling…



Oh absolutely, that’s more important I think haha :smile:


Just throwing in some things that aren’t related to this.

  • I’m sure you’re aware of it, but could you stop the feedback button reloading in on every page navigation. Its slightly infuriating :laughing:.
  • Possibly change “Suspended” on the SIM card page to “Frozen” like the app, or something else. Everytime I see my frozen card it I have to pause for a moment, since – and maybe its just me – but “Suspended” is associated with something being yanked indefinitely.

Other than those little nitpicks, its looking great :smiley:

Also, had to ask after nosying in the code, is this using Stimulus for the frontend? I remember using Turbolinks years ago (which I think this is at least tangentially related to?) so its nice to see that framework still around and kicking!


:sweat_smile: yes that’s annoying me too. I spent a little time trying to get it to work but to no avail; I’ll have another look.

Good idea! Will add an alias — it’s the key our supplier uses for it…

In some places yes, Alpine JS in others.

After spending so much time with React over the last few years I’ve realised what an absolute joy the server-rendered approach is. Turbolinks was re-released as Turbo a couple of months ago (also making server-backed mobile apps a lot easier —, and things have come a long way since wrangling it with jQuery!


Have just updated that to our own button (looks similar) that hooks into the open/close menu events. :slight_smile:

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Is it deliberate that clicking on a record for a SIM which isn’t my main one jumps me back to the main page? :thinking:

Sorry about the delay — we haven’t implemented the aggregated daily pages yet… will disable the link to the main page though! Thank you :slight_smile: