iOS app beta (and other news)


Today we’re opening up the iOS app on TestFlight. As mentioned in the original post, this is a native wrapper around the web app. I’m incredibly happy with the progress so far — it’s snappy, loads quickly, and is only ~3 MB (depending on your device). It’s also dramatically less complicated than the current app and compiles without melting my computer.

The “design once, deploy anywhere” approach is a delight, and I can’t wait for it to be live. What we’ve traded for a slight hit in interactivity we’ve gained in speed and flexibility, and we can always upgrade a page to a completely native view if needs be. You can try it out here:

You’ll have to excuse the delay in getting this out, I had to learn Swift…

A few notes:

  • Password autofill isn’t working — I believe this is a known issue, but no saying when or if it’ll be resolved.
  • Apple Pay isn’t working; this is an issue with Stripe I’m waiting to hear back on.
  • Link previews are still turned on (long press a link) — that’s fixed in the next build.

Will start on the Android version next week!

In other news…

  • We’ve updated the layout of the SIM card page, removing the 2 tabs and presenting the settings as a long list (it didn’t work without JavaScript). It looks better on a desktop; we may still tweak a few things for mobile.
  • We’ve also added the SIM status and tariff to that page, and you can click/tap to copy the phone number.
  • We’ve added the non-geographic numbers setting to SIMs, along with a minimum balance requirement to enable it (the same goes for international calls).
  • If your balance is negative we’ll display a banner prompting you to top-up; in the future we may automatically add it to the monthly bill.
  • We’ve changed the floating help icon to our own element so it doesn’t flash/reload on every page transition.

Have a great weekend!

- Nick


damn, annoyed I missed this. is the beta still open? i’m currently on iOS 15 and would love to get it ready for gen pop :tada:


Currently undergoing a big overhaul of this, so will have some updates soon. Excuse the lack of them — progress is excellent and can’t wait to share more. :slight_smile:


The suspense.

It seems there’s going to be some huge announcement soon. There’s a bit of me that prefers the little and often updates.

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Me too; sorry about that. Consistently being public is something I need to work on.

Nothing huge; the bulk of it is that I’m working on a revised and much better version of the app for the web. :slight_smile: