Allowance breakdowns, number switching, reporting spam numbers and moar 💯


Shiny new things

  • There’s now a page showing your data allowances (accessible from the home page):
  • You can change what happens if you run out of data (the “Update Settings” button in the above screenshot). We’ll also add this to another page for manually adding-on data, coming soon.
  • Added splash screens to Progressive Web apps (you’ll need to re-install it as a PWA for this to take effect). Not sure about the in-your-face white-on-red colour scheme going forward…
  • You can now switch number and track its progress from a SIM card page.
  • Added a list of your active SIMs to the home page.

Also, the Ofcom spam text forwarding number (7726) is live! This actually happened last month, but better late to mention it than never…

The BTP shortcode (61016) should also work — let us know if you have any trouble with it.

No longer broken

  • The total data allowance on the homepage was showing incorrectly, but no more!

^^However, there’s a bug with the bundle amount used showing incorrectly on the new data allowance page if you used any data around midnight at the end of last month… timezone fun! I’ll get that fixed soon.

Have a good Tuesday :blush:

- Nick


Haven’t had a chance to use them yet, but very happy to hear that those shortcodes are live! Do we have access to all of them now, or just those two?

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By ‘all’ which others do you mean? I’ll ask :slight_smile:

Nothing in particular, I just know other companies run shortcodes from time to time and was wondering if in theory we should have access to all of them :slight_smile: .

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Ah! Yes, it’s on our network overlords’ roadmap for next year; I think they wanted to open up some of the more common/necessary ones in the meantime…


Very good timing, just got a spam text in to forward. Bank phishing scam.

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And I’ve reported the phishing scam to the hosting provider Namecheap who took it down within an hour of reporting it (a tweet may have helped to get a response faster). Domain had been registered about 3 hours before I got the SMS.

Though how many would have got scammed in the 4 or 5 hours the site was up?


People can send a lot of SMS in 4 hours I learned earlier this year… :flushed: