Android bug

Just opened the app for the first time in a while and the soft button overlay on my S10e wouldn’t go away. However it almost completely covers the “Get Started” button which means it’s impossible to log in without some very precise pixel-tapping:

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Hmm, thank you for pointing this out — I’ll investigate; we fixed it for some devices, but clearly not the S10e…

EDIT: if you reload the app, does it still show? There’s a chance it hasn’t updated…

The Settings button is also very hard to hit as it’s behind the notification bar.

Does that still happen after reloading the app?

You mean force close and reopen? Yes. And it logged me out.

The Settings bug seems to be the same thing as the app is using full screen behind both soft buttons and notification bar.

Oh dear. Magic links aren’t working any more. Just sends me back to “Get Started” :frowning:

Did you click a previous login email by any chance? I’ll look into why it logged you out.

No, it was the most recent one. Subsequently have tried 3 more times and none of the magic links work even after double checking I’m only clicking the newly-generated one.

No chance of finding the easter egg in time now, haha (is it only on the new bundle version of the app?)

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Okay, thank you for the info. Are you able to try re-installing the app? Sorry about this.

Someone found it very quickly!

Afraid I still can’t log in.

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I also logged in about an hour ago, could have been crappy internet, but I had to swipe it closed and then try again.

Possibly the app doing a big ota update?

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Digging into this, we’ve just had some email deliverability issues and I believe they’re related (was able to reproduce it a few times). I’ll look further into why it logged you out in the first place, however…

Relying on email for login seemed like a good idea last year, but passwords are looking like a better idea by the day.

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I really like the magic link concept. Received exactly one email for each log in attempt within 30 second each time FWIW.


I really like not having passwords. Since I don’t use email on my phone though, I would favour an alternative to manourvering a link from my PC.

Like being emailed (or SMS’d) a one time code I can easily type in.

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How about a QR code in the email, and scan it in-app? I feel your pain; testing on different devices with different accounts I have to do the whole link dance a lot :weary:

Would work well for me. ^^ Or you could really go down the rabbit hole and implement SQRL. :sweat_smile:

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:eyes: I do like SQRL…

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Well, that would really put the Unique in USP. :sweat_smile: SQRL does seem quite wonderful though.

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Email is a nice solution to reduce support queries from stupid users that can’t manage passwords (or that reuse the same one everywhere and then their account gets breached due to credential-stuffing attacks).

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As a stupid user I resent and agree with this comment. :yum: