Answering call but also picked up by voicemail

Had a weird issue this morning several times when someone would call and I’d try and answer only for the call to be picked up by the voicemail and they wouldn’t hear me. It happened a few times with the same caller. When I called back the audio was fine. In all cases the caller was the same person.

Has anyone else seen an odd issue like this before?

Hi @smsm1

Thank you for flagging this, we are looking into this and I will feedback as soon as possible.



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I’m wondering if it could be a Fairphone 4 specific bug similar to this one where you can someone hear yourself on the phone. Not heard that specific issue, but could be related.

I’ve not had the issue since though I don’t make it receive that many calls.

Thansk for the update Shaun, hopefully this doesnt occur again, I have however flagged the issue and will let you know if there is any findings on our side