Behaviour when sim offline and voicemail disabled

When a sim is offline, and you call it with the voicemail disabled, what should the desired behaviour be?

Calling from my voip landline I get a No connection IP status: 503. Calling from another Zevvle sim the call just drops with a message “Conditional call forwarding enabled.”

With other providers, I thought I got a free verbal message saying that the number couldn’t be connected at this time rather than just an error code being sent. About a decade ago, Vodafone had the “call catcher” which would send you an SMS when someone called and couldn’t get through to your mobile even if they didn’t leave an email. These calls don’t seem to be included in the call logs? Could they be added? Would others be interested in this?


Sent you a message, will keep you posted.

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Normally it should just be an error code so the calling party’s equipment can generate an appropriate response. I don’t want the network to be answering the call with a message, it’s pointless and would mislead automated systems into thinking the call was answered (also depending on how it’s implemented, the fake answer might actually cost the caller if they’re not on an unlimited plan or are abroad).

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