Branding Colours

(Alex Barrett) #1

Not trying to be an awkward beggar here but am I the only one that thinks the whole branding with the Red and White, while it looks really good, is incredibly reminiscent of one of the Major carriers?

Red logo with White infill, big red bars across the page - about the only difference is keeping the Red in the footer.
It does really look good - but if trying to offer something a step apart from the others it might be good to distance oneself visually too?


(Nick Goodall) #2

Vodafone or Virgin? :smirk: 100% understand. I’ve got nothing rational to add, but I don’t know what other colour fits with Zevvle. Orange is now up for grabs (in the UK at least…), or maybe a yellow?

Also, the SIMs won’t be red… :smiling_imp:

(Alex Barrett) #3

Certainly needs to be bold with big contrasts, could play all day with Palettes but I just think the Red is too familiar and is likely to cause people to, at a glance, think of those networks that might have given them poorer service in the past.

(Andre Borie) #4

I don’t actually see the colours being an issue, but you could keep the red accent colour and just tone it down with a lot more white; so drop the red background for example.

I agree there isn’t much choice out there, I can’t think of any colour scheme that would be better/worse. Color is just a small part in an overall design language.

I say keep the red at the moment - you can always rebrand later. :+1:t2: