Bridging the Gap to the Future

So as we discussed @Nick in the future the end goal of Zevvle is one network: everywhere.

Do you think you could reach out to local service offering people that offer virtual numbers to forward texts and calls (such as Skype does, which is where I have my US number) to see if we could purchase their services through Zevvle? This could be a stop-gap until we get local numbers through you yourself

This way we could get perhaps a call from the US and have it forwarded to our Zevvle number rather than having to install an app or smth

Needs to work for both incoming and outgoing though!

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Some of these services have the option to forward messages and calls on however you’ll generally be charged for the privilege.

Yeah I’m aware. Could always do it through VoIP though

True that could reduce the costs, especially if Zevvle was able to provide international numbers as an option. Places like Germany only allow people to have a German number if they live there or some other similar restriction.

Do they actually enforce this within the EU? I don’t recall having to register if I were to live elsewhere - so long as I’m not working Germany has no business in knowing if I live there or not.

We certainly could, as for when I don’t know, and the outgoing calls won’t work until our SIP is setup… :slight_smile:

what are the SIP plans?

Nothing immediate as it’s quite an investment of ££ and time (i.e., when we start recruiting), but roughly… we’ll setup a beta with a limited, voted-for feature set*, refine that for a public launch and eventually open up an API to give you granular SIM control… no timeframe yet though.

*E.g. 1 number on multiple SIMs, 1 SIM with many numbers, call recording, etc.

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would be happy to beta test.


I had a german number on my truphone sim (and a US number)

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These restrictions could always be worked around by the provider being registered as the owner of the number and simply letting the (real) user “borrow” it every so often.

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