Calling same account Zevvle numbers

Hi @nick

I think I read somewhere from you that Zevvle to Zevvle is free provided it’s 2 SIMs on the same account?

Is this true? A guy at my work is looking for a network but it seems he finds 3p a minute as pretty expensive :thinking: I think he’s a bit silly for looking towards with the probable incoming price changes though

Would you be able to update pricing should I be remembering correctly? Cheers

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It is! :slight_smile:

How do you mean? I don’t understand…

I mean his current plan works out cheaper and he’s consistently complaining about the lack of money in his account

Probably should have given that as context


Could you mention the included Zevvle to Zevvle calls on the pricing page? It’s currently a hidden feature which could maybe win more customers over.

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You’re right — it is there in the 2nd footnote at the top, but could do with being more prominent…


Oh missed that. I thought it was all Zevvle to Zevvle calls rather than just those on the same account.

No, although maybe we should… :thinking:

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Could be an interesting selling point to encourage more customers.

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Could maybe encourage some more community spirit between Zevvlers if it was cheap/free to call each other.

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I’m wondering what proportion of accounts/sims have the unlimited calling where the free Zevvle to Zevvle calls would be irrelevant. Granted this might be commercial info that @nick might not want to reveal publicly. Could it to the balance to users no longer taking the unlimited calls and texts bundle?

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I don’t think it would change the pattern of interaction between Zevvlers. For example, the only other Zevvlers I know are on the same account as me. I don’t think I’d suddenly start having telephone calls with you for example, just cos they’re free… And there are plenty of ways of communicating these days that are nearly zero cost.

If Zevvle has some savings it wants to pass back to customers, I think we could find other ways :blush: