Calls not working 🙊


Has anyone else run into bother today trying to make phonecalls?

Me and my wife, both on Zevvle, are unable to call each other or anyone else*. We’ve tried 020 & 0800 numbers, people we know on other networks (Tesco). And the Zevvle support number with no success.

I’ve reached out to Zevvle support but I wanted to find out if this is wider spread or something we’re both doing wrong? :sweat_smile:

(We’ve tried the usual troubleshooting steps, rebooting, WiFi off, different numbers, etc.)

*Except for my stepdad who I was able to dial :thinking: (Think he’s on EE).

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It’s not the first time this has happened either :upside_down_face:

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Looks like it’s calls in and outbound that aren’t working at all. Won’t even ring 🥲

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I’ve just tried my work phone on O2 and it’s calling. Maybe the issue has been resolved or only affects a limited number of people.

I’ve been thinking of dropping the VoIP number I have, though I suppose at less than£2 per month is useful to have a backup in case anything goes wrong.

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Things started working again a couple of hours after posting / noticing :iphone:

If it’s only £2/month I’ll take it off your hands @smsm1 :joy: – but seriously, I am considering a backup line or a switch away from Zevvle. This is the second ‘emergency’ we’ve had where we’ve been unable to contact anyone over a normal phone call; feels like more than just bad luck :pensive:

I’ve had much cheaper SIMs be much more reliable :grimacing:

It’s a VoIP number from A&A (A&A) VoIP: Learn more
You can have one too.

I don’t do normal voice calls often. Agree it is a pain when they unexpectedly don’t work, repeatedly in an emergency.

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