Cannot text the TPS registration number


I am trying to enrol to TPS via its text messaging service.
Their website indicates that I can text TPS to 85095 to register, however the SMS always fails to be sent.

Please see here for more details: Telephone Preference Service

Is there an issue with texting sort codes?

Many thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Hello @LegendaryAced,

Good to hear from you, sorry to hear about this issue. I have asked the team to take a look at this for you.



I think all short SMS codes are blocked, except for porting your number out. There’s a few discussions in the past about it.



This is the NUMBER ONE reason I’d not consider jumping back on the Zevvle ship, shortcodes are not something I use often but it’s an essential feature.

Regardless of short code support, this is not a premium number service.
It is a free of charge service that enables customers to avoid receiving nuisance calls. Which is very much needed with all the spam calls I receive.

Now, there are alternative ways to register to the service via filling a form for example. But that requests way too much information like address, name, etc. Activating via text is supported by my main SIM, why not have the ability to register with Zevvle too?


Fill it in with fake info if you really care about it - personally I don’t believe there’s any value to it though. Those who care about the law already will not be calling you (as this would require GDPR consent or other valid legal basis for processing your personal data), those who don’t aren’t going to care whether your number is on the TPS or not.

Activating via text is supported by my main SIM, why not have the ability to register with Zevvle too?

Are they not going to just ask you this info anyway when you try to sign up via text?

Hi all,

We understand this is important to many of you and we are looking at options for this.

In the meantime anyone can register their mobile number to the list via the website We are continually working with BT to prevent scam calls to the network also.




Just to provide an update to this, the ability to send short code SMS will become live on Zevvle in the first quarter of 2023.



Is this still expected by the end of March 2023?

Hi @LegendaryAced, we have been set a revised delivery time of mid April for this, apologies for the slight delay.


Was this ever resolved? It seems like it still doesn’t work :disappointed: