Can't change email address

Hi, I just realised I registered for the forum with a different email from the one I signed up for a SIM with. I tried to change my email address on here, I got the verification email, and clicked the link. The verification page then requires me to authenticate with my security key

but when I click the button, I get redirected to which just displays a blank white screen (though the page source is far from empty) - with no security key authentication prompt.

Is it the same browser that opens when you click the email link? I’ll have a look and see what’s happening.

P.S. Thank you for joining! :blush:

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Yup, I’m using Google Chrome (84) on macOS.

@nick I see you’ve done it, thanks!

That’s odd; the prompt said an email was sent to you for confirmation. We wouldn’t normally change it manually, but as you’ve already confirmed the email with us!

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I’m glad you wouldn’t normally change it manually - it’s definitely not great - but I have already confirmed it so yeah :slight_smile: that’s why I wanted them to match (I’m a little… detail-oriented sometimes…)