Change plan & switch number


A few new things…

  • You can now change plan. Like the mobile app, I still don’t like this interface. Will do something about it after switching to the web completely.
  • You can switch number and track switching progress. Going to a SIM card’s page and hitting ‘Switch Number’ will bring up a modal (or take you to a new page if JavaScript is disabled). We’ve also added some better error handling in the case of invalid phone numbers or PACs.
  • And some behind the scenes ~stuff~ I’m very happy with that will help us support you better!

Have a good week :blush:

- Nick


Thanks for thinking about this use-case!


Did the same for updating card details, but then realised Stripe won’t work without JS anyway…


Beyond the support for no JS it’s also useful that every page has a permalink - you can middle-click it to open in a new tab or copy its link, something you can’t do with a pure JS modal. So it’s useful even if you do have JS enabled.