Could we have a vote for the next feature?

As per title really, What feature wold you like to see Zevvle launch next?

Mine personally ability to roam onto O2, Vodafone or Three which offers me the best signal according to my current location.

Are we talking pie in the sky wish list or actual feature?

As your seems to er on the side of the former.

I’ll go to the other extreme. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could we get a more generic symbol for data, I can’t stand Chrome!



Definitely the latter.

Sorry I meant former.

This is already possible but it’s extremely expensive unfortunately.

I like how it’s Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS!

What browser are you using on Android?

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My doable one would be some controls over the other users in the multi-SIM scenario (maximum spend, etc) and an overview of what they’re spending (not necessarily what on) and limits for my own multi-SIMs so that the one in my car, for example, can’t go mental and use all the credit.

Pie in the sky, e-SIM for my Apple Watch :watch:


Mine would be eSIM and global data roaming :smile: I know the latter would be difficult right now though

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Firefox! :fire::fox_face: Used it on iOS too.

Could have a seeing to let you choose the browser icon. I wonder if apps on the phone can see what the default web app is and then choose that icon by default?

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Nah, a lot of bother for a minor UI element. Personally I’d just put a generic symbol like noun_wifi_1190467 or noun_mobile%20data_931904.


If it helps, I’ve enabled the voting plugin for this category – @everyone feel free to create new topics for singular ideas. :slight_smile:

Also, spoilers.

As far as I know that’s not possible on iOS, but as for changing the icon…

All work and no play makes Zevvle a dull company, and I still want a Netscape icon, so we’ll make this happen! Besides, it’s not that much work. :smiley:


Nice to see the voting option has been enabled on the forum. :slight_smile:

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seconded bring back netscape !!


Famous last words XD