Data speed instead of amount of data

Vodafone have announced data speed tariffs as part of their 5G rollout which are based on the data speed instead of amount of data.

Could 95th percentile pricing be an option? It’s used by some server hosting providers.


Oh wow, finally some common sense. No chance this lasts though, there’s way too much money to be made selling meaningless “data” which can be created (and destroyed) out of thin air instead of an actual, measurable service that would require capacity planning and maintenance.


Sub 3G speeds on your 5G connection is good?


These people make me scream.

If they want to compete and get market share, do it right. Expand outside of London.

Bring 5G to Swindon :slight_smile: you’d be the only one here. Bring it to parts of the North. You’d gain so much market share.

Bring it to Wales even and boom, you’ll have people using it for their tethering. Completely easy to capture market.

5Mbps is already quite enough for 95% of use cases. Nobody needs nor cares about watching Facebook meme videos in 4K.

Being unlimited brings peace of mind and a guarantee you’ll always get those 5Mbps. Better than “here’s 1Gbps but you’ll blow through your data cap in minutes” especially considering most apps are designed to grab as much bandwidth as you give them (YouTube’s web UI for example will try to use the highest quality that the current bandwidth will allow without a way to turn it down).


You mean “you’ll always get up to those 2Mbps.”

I didn’t talk specifically about the 2Mbps tier (though this one also had its uses), but they also have a 10Mbps tier which is enough for pretty much anything you’d do on a phone anyway.

I was talking more about the pricing model in general rather than specific tiers, and in fact I expect them to sell it at any speed you want, calculating the price on the fly (with a surcharge for the lower tiers).

Also I’d expect them to honour these speeds, otherwise customers would notice and downgrade to the lower (thus cheaper) tiers and that’s bad for business.


Yeah it is a very interesting idea, although I’m sure will cause consumers a fair bit of confusion.

I don’t think it’s normal for most to consider the speed of their network, and many probably don’t understand what the different network speeds mean.

Overall, I’m not sure I’m the biggest fan of the way these plans have been made.

Having said that, their unlimited plans can be had for pretty amazing prices atm (e.g. this one for £14 per month). If you’re willing to do a bit of legwork to get the cashback.

I’ll be buying one for my home internet.


There are people who refuse to use mobile data as they don’t know how much they are going to use. Where the unlimited plans would make things much simpler and more likely to use it even if it was just a little bot as the worry of unknown cost would be gone.

I presume enough people don’t follow through on the legwork, which allows them to offer these deals with the cash back. The whole point of Zevvle is to have a fairer price for everyone. I don’t have the time (joys of children) to be chasing around an ensuring that I claim the cash back at the right time, I’m sure others with children would agree. So the people with the higher financial pressures due to other commitments end up with higher priced tariffs.


In many ways this is the more correct way to charge - it’s not data that really costs, it is bandwidth.


[citation needed]

Fixed broadband had been sold in terms of speed tiers forever and there doesn’t seem to be much confusion (even with scammers selling cable or VDSL as “fibre”). More speed = better, that’s simple enough for everyone to understand.