December update 🎁

(Nick Goodall) #1

Slightly overdue, and they’ll be more frequent from now on as progress quickens. Noteworthy:

  • We’re finalising the contract with our supplier, and the next ~6 weeks are all about getting the product ready.
  • Our business model is changing to a modern pay-as-you-go (PAYG). This makes it fairer for everyone, and we’ll release our pricing closer to launch. Because of this, our referral system will change as well (previously 1 month free per referral) – more on that soon. :sunglasses:


(Rosie) #2

I’m excited, It looks great and I can’t wait to be one of the first customers! :slight_smile:

(Alex Barrett) #3

Great to see an update and looking forward to seeing this develop more.

(Johnny) #4

I have always steered clear of PAYG instead favouring a SIM-only contract. That said, from what I understand of the Zevvle proposition, PAYG is exactly right. I think it is what I am looking for.

I think most (all?) customers will have some sort of usage anxiety whereby they pay for more than they need each month as they fear they’ll be limited if they buy too little.

For instance, I’m on a 20GB/month plan with EE. That gives me peace of mind knowing that I’m unlikely to exceed my limit. But, when I look, I see that this month I’ve used just over 1GB in two weeks. So, I’m massively overestimating (and paying) for data.

And, of course, that data expires at the end of each billing period.

The app screenshots on the Zevvle website look really interesting. Currently the EE app on my iPhone is slower and clunkier than anything really should be on a modern phone. What’s more, I can’t easily see my historical usage with EE. The app has not been designed to give customers the information that they want.

One of the things I love about EE is the Visual Voicemail. I always thought this would be a deal breaker. Think it through, it’s not. I don’t get that many phone calls really.

From the little information I have been able to glean about Zevvle, I am quite excited about what it might be. I’m already looking forward to switching over four SIMs in the family and taking out another SIM for vehicle tracking.

I signed up a long time ago when @Nick posted something on the Monzo Community, I think? I have a referral link. Does that still work as the link to view my referrals does not?

(Nick Goodall) #5

Considering the current PAYG market I don’t blame you! We’re trying to do the best of both worlds :slight_smile:

That’s a good way to put it; “usage anxiety.” Unfortunately it’s how bundles are set up, and why ‘shared plans’ aren’t more common… figures on the actual monthly usage are hard to come by, and for good reason.

:pray: I’m looking forward to this – we’ll have multi-SIM accounts soon after launch.

The link should still work, and we’re redoing the referral system before going live to make it PAYG-compatible. Thank you for the thoughts, Johnny :slight_smile:

(Andre Borie) #6

Is voicemail still relevant to begin with? I’ve always considered it more of an annoyance than anything else to be honest. I’ve had it disabled for years now and don’t miss it one bit.

In fact I’m not sure Zevvle should have it at all (or at least not by default - will make people think whether they truly need it before they enable it).

(Johnny) #7

I think I’d already concluded it isn’t. I dislike people leaving voicemail messages. Seems to be a big waste of time.