December update

Hello fellow Zevvler!

We are launching a few initiatives in that we wanted to announce to you, the first being a new monthly update from us on developments to the network and plans we have. This is starting now, consider this one as Decembers :blush:

We are continuing the tradition of sending every Zevvler a Christmas card and also this year a little gesture of our appreciation to you. In addition to this, 20 of you will be randomly selected to win a gift ranging from £5, £10, £20, £50 credit on your account all the way through to a brand new Fairphone 4 (two to be won) so look out for a special ticket in your envelope! We want to ensure we have everyone’s up to date address information so if anybody has moved address since last year and hasn’t already informed us could you message @SibelRawahy please with your updated details?

Behind the scenes we have been making a few improvements to how we manage the app and have employed the services of a company to provide support with development work and any fixes that are required. What this means to you is that we will be able to make even swifter interventions whenever required and focus more energy on some exciting planned developments.

You may have noticed some improvements in the app, especially if you are a Zevvler with multiple sims in your account. One of these is being able to sort your sims by various fields, including by volume of data usage. What this means is that you can quickly see any incidents of high data usage which is especially useful if you have a large number of sims, if you are a business customer for example. We have also introduced the ability to set text notifications if your data exceeeds a level that you select from a drop-down list of options. This is useful if you don’t have time to long onto the app frequently but want peace of mind that your data usage is still under a certain level. We have more capacity for app developments now, so as always we are really keen to hear suggestions of how you believe we can make improvements.

If you’re an existing Zevvler then you are a pioneer of a network that is soon to grow and we are - and will always be - sincerely grateful to you for your loyalty. Since buying the network we want to stay true to the Zevvle values whilst at the same time building on the unique features of the network to appeal to a wider audience. By doing this it has helped us to keep the prices frozen for all current Zevvlers, something we were even more keen to do owing to the cost of living crisis in the U.K.

When assessing the types of people who would benefit most from the features of Zevvle, especially the ability to share data bundles between sims, the main interest we gave received is from families and businesses so these are two areas we have been focusing on as you will be able to see from Zevvle’s website. We are really excited to announce some features we are building into the app and will be sharing these in future monthly updates.

We have changed the main slogan of Zevvle to ‘the mobile network built for sharing’ and I’m really looking forward to announcing some of the evolutions we have planned for the network on this theme.

For now we wanted to end by thanking you for your loyal custom and to wish you a very happy Christmas and prosperous start to 2023. My DMs are open should you wish to discuss anything with me our have any feedback or ideas you would prefer to share privately. The next update will be at the start of January.

Warm regards



That sounds great, I’ve always loved the cards :slight_smile:

Not raising the prices is nice to read too, I wonder how big the network is to have 2 phones in a competition :open_mouth: I’ll keep my fingers crossed!


Thank you for the lovely chocolate. It’s a nice surprise to arrive in the post.

(I’ve already got a Fairphone 4 (writing this message on it), so glad it’s going to someone else).


Bloody lovely chocolate. Didn’t last long… :wink: