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Hello Zevvlers!

As mentioned in James’ December update, after numerous improvements, we have some more app development capacity available. There is no better insight than that of our Zevvler pioneers so wanted to reach out to you to get some ideas and suggestions of what advancements or improvements you would like to see to the network and / or app.

Please feel free to share either on this thread or if you would prefer, by direct message to myself.


One of the improvements is like to see is voice over 4G and WiFi. I’ve had a few occasions where there was a 4G and 2G signal but no 3G signal so I could could either make a call or use the web, not both at the same time, which one occasion caused frustration as was trying to figure the next plan of how to get somewhere with the latest public transport live data.

In terms of the web app I’m on a monthly bundle of data and PAYG calls and texts (I use way more data than calls and texts). I find the PAYG balance and balance changes rather hidden. Could the main screen that has the bar with how much data I’ve used this month also include the current PAYG balance.

I could figure this one out from the API, but that wouldn’t be for everyone. Over the past 6 months/year/longer? how much data, calls, and texts have I used each month? Which bundle was I on that month? How much paid overage bundle did I need in the month? Yeah it’s going to show that few months I was traveling or taking lots of photos/videos away from WiFi and didn’t plan ahead. Could also recommend alternate bundles, though I like to keep some spare data as a backup for when the main home internet goes down, as I work from home.


Thanks @smsm1, some really useful feedback here. think that’s a very good idea to have clearer visibility into the cumulative pay as you go charges.

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Hi Sibel - today I got a ‘winning ticket’ in the post for a fairphone 4 - your name is on the ticket. I have a really old phone btw. Please tell me how I go about redeeming this fairphone 4
So excited!


Hi @Lindiana

This is great news, I will direct message you now to arrange delivery of your new phone :star_struck:

Congratulations @Lindiana! We’re really happy for you and pleased the phone will be useful to you!

I noticed that in the profile settings there is still the option for Flex receipts, however they were closed in October, so worth removing.

Is the referral scheme still existing? I can’t see how to get the latest link as the current one I have doesn’t work any more.

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So - I’ve just opened the new fairphone - thanks again! Here come the questions: Do I get a new sim card from you? Just request 1? If so please send me a nano sim! I’m guessing I need to pay, so how much, how pay?
At the moment, with my old unsmart phone, I’m paying £8 per month to you. What is the new smart phone going to cost me? Thanks for being there in the Zevvle community for me. I’m not kidding - I need you! X Linda

Your current zevvle SIM is a triple SIM, pop out the smaller one inside.

Your monthly cost will depend on how much internet you use each month, how many GB does your plan have at the moment?

Ha! I have absolutely no idea! How do I find that out?

Also - I want to keep my old phone going while I get used to this new one, so I guess I can’t take the sim apart in that case can I?

You can use the new phone with just WiFi initially to get used to it though you don’t be able to do mobile calls, texts, or data it and about.

You can put the SIM back together if you keep all the parts, however do it too often it’ll break.

Another more costly option is to order an additional SIM and go multi SIM with the data amount shared across both SIMs, one of the main selling points of Zevvle. Costs a few more pounds which varies depending on whether the additional SIM has pay as you go out unlimited calls and texts.

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Thanks Shaun, this is very helpful. XXX

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Thanks everyone and congratulations on receiving your brand new phone @Lindiana! Please feel free to message me or if you have any specific questions relating to your account, the advice on this thread is good though.

Good morning & Happy New Year,

I had ordered a SIM for my personal account and created a business account and ordered 3 sims there was a page that briefly showed something like, “sold, sealed, sent” and what looked to be a progress bar.

  1. I cannot access that page again
  2. There isn’t a way (that I can see) to track the order

My Suggestion:

Under Plan & Billing, next to “order more sims” button a “track orders” button to reveal the page to show if the sim the progress of the orders, dispatch status etc.

Extra points - a blank entry for each sim card that has been dispatched (only at dispatched stage) in the sims list.
The details can be filled when the sim card is activated.
The graphics can be an icon of the sim card but dashed lines to give a missing, not here, to be filled feeling.
The phone number on the subheading can be:
and something zevvle-y as a label or cycled random titles
“Super Sim :weight_lifting_woman:
“Simone the Sim Card :tipping_hand_woman:t4:
“IOT UFO Tracker :flying_saucer:
and of course, when the sim is activated, the field shows default values for the customer to edit.

Extra-extra points, if you click the blank sim entry, it takes you to the track order page, showing the number of sims that have been dispatched.

This gives visibility to customers how many active sims and pending sims at sim card view and an ability to view the progress of the order.

Hope this is useful!

N the SIM Swallower :plate_with_cutlery:


One aspect that’d be really useful to have is the ability to easily update my personal details on file since I can’t see where to update my address since the new web app came in.

Other than that — the ability to at least unfreeze SIMs online would be handy (even if I understand re-freezing isn’t something you can offer anymore) is a big one and just generally having feature parity with the old mobile app~


I’d love to be able to filter the graph at Sign in | Zevvle by SIM, so I can see how many minutes a SIM has used in the past 7,30 days etc , currently you can only use those filters for all sims together, if you click on the name it takes you to the SIM page and then you have to click on usage this month and it takes you to a graph page with just that SIM and you can then filter it.


Ah, yes please.

This would be awesome as well although i haven’t had a reason to use it the way I am planning to in the future this would come in handy.


I was unaware of this, and the sign up flow for a business says:

If you can’t freeze and refreeze willingly on the fly in the webapp… can your account be managed in the beautiful intuitive app at a touch of a button? :thinking:

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Now that the SIMs have been provisioned at least on my account side, I can see under SIM Cards there is an activate button that wasn’t there before. When clicking it, asks to type in the phone number on the SIM Cards to activate the SIMs I have ordered, it makes sense for my suggestion to be moved from Billing to SIM Cards to track where your SIM order is, and the track SIMs button can then turn to Activate SIMs button when whatever workflow has happened in the background.

Thank you all for the great feedback, some great suggestions here. :star_struck:

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