Display names not numbers?

Can I link to my address book to show names of contacts instead of numbers? I’m on iOS.

If you open the Referral page (tap on the heart icon on the account tab) and ‘Invite Friends’ you’ll be able to connect your contacts and the names should show in the feed. Sorry that’s not very clear at the moment!

Don’t see a :heart: on my account tab?

Searched Help for referral, invite, and friend but nothing came up.

Are you able to slide the tray down? Right under the usage bar. :slight_smile:

This one?

I’ve cropped the rest cos it shows my number but it has the Settings, Int’l & Roaming, Switch Number, and Freeze options.

Sorry for being so thick but am I looking in the right place?

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Ah! Sorry —that’s my fault; the settings don’t show for the older PAYG accounts I’m afraid. I’ll think about a way around this.

Well at least this bit still works :wink:

Sent you a message :slight_smile: