Disposable numbers

That would be awesome if Zevvle was the 1st network to propose disposable numbers on top of the SIM card number for a small fee.

Let’s say your main number is 0791 222 2222 but you want to keep it for family. Would be awesome to be able to rent another number for a small monthly fee for companies that are likely to send you marketing stuff.
That number would be part of the Zevvle Android iOS apps (VOIP), no need for a second SIM card and would be disposable (being able to change the number every 1, 3 or 6 months).
In the Zevvle app, we could disable text messages or disable calls anytime we’d want to ensure peace when we don’t want to be disturbed by anyone who has this number.

That would be the first time a Network propose that as part of their mainstream offer.


I do like this :slight_smile:

It’s actually be possible to have multiple numbers per SIM (ask @Rjevski), and have them use the main calling app on your phone. Problem with that is relying on the handset manufacturers to display it properly, so as you say doing it in a custom app could be best… And no reason why you’d have to wait for numbers to change – you could do that instantly. Multiple SIMs per number is also possible…

This is why building tech from the ground-up is important, and although we’re not doing everything in house from day 1, that’s the plan!


I think FreedomPop is like that for the VoIP / SMSoIP part … Just that they use only data Sims!

I’d love to be able to use numbers in other countries but I doubt that’ll ever happen!

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yes me too, having the possibility to have different numbers from different countries would be awesome


Have you come across Flipper? “The app that provides your smartphone with additional UK mobile numbers.” There’s also Rebtel for international calling…

Is there something missing from either of those? Or is it about the integration with your existing mobile plan?

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Flipper is only available on iOS and has only 1 number and only a UK
number. Rebtel don’t offer any mobile number, so it’s irrelevant here. The
issue is not about calling international, it’s about keeping your personal
mobile number private and give out a disposable number to companies that
you can ditch after an amount of time and change to another to ensure you
don’t get spammed on your private number.
Everyone knows that it is almost impossible not to be spammed nowadays.

ONOFF App does offer multiple numbers in 33 countries (whatever country you
live in) but the calls quality is attrocious.

Yes, it would be nice if this option was linked to the network provider to
centralise services and get only 1 bill at the end of each month.


Thanks Thierry, that’s good to know :slight_smile:

You could actually build that even without controlling the network side of things at least for inbound calls.

Get the numbers from a third-party (Nexmo or Twilio) and set up a call forward to the main SIM’s number (which is outside your control).

Wouldn’t work for outbound calls but the inbound experience would be seamless.

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what would be the point in doing all this if we can’t make outbound calls and text messages?? That wouldn’t work either way for text messages anyway

Text messages won’t indeed work with standard call forwarding but they can be forwarded “manually” by just sending a new text with the caller ID set to the original number.

Agree it’s not ideal without outgoing calls but if that’s the only thing possible (yet) then it’s better than nothing IMO.

Well I disagree. Nothing would be better than this useless idea. If something is implemented it has to work and be useful or there’s no point in implementing it. That’s the mistake that companies always make.
They rush to implement something that doesn’t work or doesn’t have the basic needs instead of waiting longer and offer something great. The result of that is always negative reviews and frustration from the customers.

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Inbound only could still be useful for what I think is the main use-case, giving out a number when a service requires it and wants to spam you later down the line.


This could work in many ways, and I don’t know what the best solution looks like. To do it properly we’d have all the functionality – incoming & outgoing calls & texts, but maybe smaller use-cases exist as Andre says, like one number dedicated for secure 2-factor authentication, etc. We’ll set up a voting system (probably on this forum, or something like Canny) to help decide what works best!


My landline is VoIP, and I’ve setup my mobile phone as an extension so that landline calls can come in to it. I can also make outgoing calls. Granted there’s a monthly fee to doing though it’s been useful for calling family in Germany.

I could also setup additional temporary voice landline numbers which are directed to my extension with this setup.


What company/service do you use for that? :thinking:

I’m using the built in Android client within the phone and Port5060 who are pretty cheap. The monthly cost of the extensions is the main cost. Service is wonderful, with a very quick response time even in the late evening. Calls are extremely cheap, though I’ve wondered if moving to Andrews and Arnold would work out cheaper due to our relatively low call use. With A&A every extension is a direct dial instead.


Just to add my support to the idea of a second number on the same SIM. I used to use FreedomPOP for this, as a number I could give out to businesses/couriers/take-aways to minimise the chance of my personal number getting into the ‘wrong’ hands. Would love to have a second number integrated with my main SIM so that I can simply receive texts and phone calls on it as with my main number.

I’d like any outbound calls and texts from my secondary number to come out of my main bundle of minutes/texts, so integration with my main SIM plan is essential.


Well integrated and reasonably priced, this would be huge for me.

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vyke does this on ios, I have 4 additional numbers for stuff like finance, misc, etc. Basically only friends get my real number.

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I realise I am resurrecting an old thread but has anyone used this app https://www.swytch.com/

Could something like this be incorporated into the Zevvle app. Would be great for those who are self employed, especially if the virtual number could forward to the physical one with a simple prefix on the caller ID such as Biz_077712345678