EE is first UK operator to confirm 3G switch off plans

EE are looking to switch off the 3G network by 2023, so 2 years time. Considering the low coverage I get it looks as though the switch off tradition has already started. Granted I’ve got a phone that has 4G so not too much of an issue.


I feel it’s better to leave on 2G with added 4G and 5G so everyone has some extent of connectivity than turn off 2G?


Yes it’s agree with that.

I was looking at picking up a second-hand 2G-only phone recently, so I like the sound of that ^^

Yeah; I think 2G will stick around for a long time to come, especially given the smart meter rollout and things like that rely on it still.


I think the eventual migration will be 5G for that, might be able to do monthly or daily meter readings even. For now 2G still makes sense though

I’ve already got half hourly meter readings and billed by the half hour in a time of use tariff.

2G really doesn’t make sense and it’s weird we’re using it, not 4G. Very cheap IoT 4G modems are available now. 2G is fast enough, and existing smart meters report in half hourly so that’s not the issue. It’s just weird to do a massive rollout of dated tech.



One day we will be struggling to find spectrum for 6G or 7G, and it would be useful to be able to switch off everything except 4G and 5G to be able to reallocate the spectrum.

Leaving 2G around is annoying as it means that, for at least the medium term, we will need to find space for 3 different standards (2G, 4G and 5G) which makes it difficult to provide good coverage.

On the other hand, you will at least still be able to make standard calls and texts even on basic phones for years to come via 2G - whereas almost every phone still in use that has 3G also has 4G, so 3G can pretty safely be switched off.


But that’s what we do best in Britain!

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