EE vs Zevvle Data Speed?

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find any details about it.

How do 4G/3G speeds with Zevvle compare to EE?

Under what scenarios would I see slower speeds with Zevvle compared to if I had an EE SIM? And how often do these scenarios realistically occur?



Hi James! Thank you for joining the forum. :blush:

Our speeds are throttled to 40/20 Mbps download/upload, which is above the typical speed for regular 4G and perfectly capable of streaming 4K video. EE’s Essential plans are limited to 60 Mbps, and on the Max/uncapped plans they say it’s realistically “up to 90Mbps,” but the theoretical limits are much higher.

Where you might notice is how long it takes to download a file or the extent to which a video preloads, but whether you’ll notice it… I’m not so sure.

To quote Rosie:

Hope that helps!


Thanks Nick! Sounds good, I can live with 40 Mbps max. And explains my brief speed test comparison.

As well as the cap, does priority come into it at all? E.g. would EE prioritise their own customers for data over Zevvle in any scenarios? If so, how often does it happen in practise?


That I’m not sure; let me ask. I know it happened with iD Mobile and Three’s network…


Yep, and it was so bad I couldn’t make a single call from Canary Wharf, let alone access any data.

I was with iD just over a month before I realised that there was no point in paying for a bundle of calls, texts and data if I couldn’t actually use them more often than not. :stuck_out_tongue:


And here’s their response:

I can confirm that it would be against the BT [EE’s parent company]/TSL [Zevvle’s supplier] contract for the quality of service to be different between a BT subscriber and a TSL end user.

However, this doesn’t mean they have to share all their services (e.g., 5G, Band 20 [800 MHz], etc.), and Virgin didn’t get 4G until 4 years after EE launched it (hopefully that won’t be the case with 5G).


Ace! Thanks for checking Nick!

Just waiting on my switch today :grin:

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Do you think TSL will ever get speed parity for their end users?

Or will you ever get this with an eventual direct connection to EE

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Probably not parity, but it’ll no doubt increase as EE’s own speed does. E.g., Virgin Mobile is capped at 70 Mbps. As for when, I don’t know. :man_shrugging:

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I’ve actually had 150Mbps on EE in London, so at least they’re telling the truth (a nice change in such an industry).

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