Eek multiple out of bundle topups on a day

I’ve got my photos and videos set to auto upload so that they are backed up over the air. I’m on holiday so have been taking some photos and er videos of eg the Falkirk wheel. And ended up using up the rest of my data and erm I’m on to my fifth 3 GB top-up. A total of 28 GB today alone whereas I’ve been on the 30 GB monthly bundle.

I don’t normally use this much data, however the hotel WiFi has been much slower than the 4G mobile signal which is also partly why my data use had been so high allong with rarely taking such long videos…

I’ve turned off the video backup over mobile which should help things.

Luckily the data bundle resets at midnight tonight. Hopefully at some point there may be scope for cheaper overage and/or bundles?

And you too can marvel at the wonderful machinery.


I was at one end of that canal just a few minutes ago, although still rather far away :sweat_smile:


I’m wondering if there should be a configurable limit of how many out of bundle topups are done automatically per day and per month. With a way to do another without mobile data eg SMS, or via mobile data with other non zevvle data blocked.