Everything ok out there?

Is everything ok? Things seem to have gone a bit quiet and no response on the in-app chat or email.

I have ordered 2 extra sims now (7th and 30th Jan), money taken, nothing has shown up yet, and no response when asking about it. I’m a little worried, hope everything is ok @nick ?

I’m not the only one as there’s been an app review saying the same thing although that was a new sign up.


Last tweet was 6 days ago responding to someone chasing for a response:

I’m equally wondering if Nick is ok.


This is a little worrying, hopefully it’s a big life event and not any sign of Zevvle being abandoned? :scream:

If you guys need any help with customer support etc… I’d happily offer to help answering some of them to keep Zevvle running…


I’d be happy to help Zevvle to keep it going too.


Yes, me too. Development, CS, whatever … what Nick’s created in Zevvle is a beautiful rarity in a field full of mess, it’d be a shame for it to vanish.


Like most of us we have our own dialogue with @nick.

I spoke to him about 2 weeks ago, he is alive and is dealing with a few personal things - I didn’t dig any further but he assured me in more ways than one, Zevvle is not being abandoned. So sitting tight, I also offered my (albeit limited) services. Which he was thankful for.

I don’t really know what we can do as a community from the outside, but I’m trying to keep a human first, service later approach.

Hopefully he gets the warm fuzzies when he reads our concerns in his next update.


Absolutely this. :purple_heart:


That is most important :3

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