February update

Hello fellow Zevvler

A shorter update this month, to begin with I wanted to thank people for their feedback on the open call update meeting, I could see that there wasn’t a lot of interest for the open zoom call at this time which is completely fine, we want to do things in a way that suits you. We will ask again in the near future to see if there is more interest then. In the meantime if you wish to discuss anything Zevvle related, you’re more than welcome to have a chat with me by DM here or if you would prefer to talk, please send a DM and I’ll let you know my mobile number.

You’ve probably seen in the news about the four major networks putting up their prices, by between 14.4% and 17.3% from April this year. I am pleased to confirm that we have no plans to put up the prices you pay as a Zevvle customer.

The latest estimate for the launch of VoWifi is this April with eSIMS expected shortly thereafter, as always we will keep you up to date on any developments here.

The offer for two Zevvlers to attend a Mental Health First Aid course remains open as well as the potential for anyone to moderate and contribute to the forums in return for their phone bill being free (for their own sim, not the whole account if they have multiple sims). Please contact Sibel for more information if you would like more details on either of these initiatives.

I’ll return towards the end of March for a lengthier update, for now all that’s left for me to do is thank you as always for your loyalty and send my best wishes.



Is there an update on VoWiFi/Vo4G?

I’ve spent the past 2 weeks tethering and hoping I don’t run out of data having just moved house and waiting on the broadband to be installed. I’ve pain point has been getting a call and the phone switching from LTE to 3G for the call, be l but then slow to switch back to LTE again. Sadly no 5G here. This meant the internet being very very slow.

I’m hoping this feature would prevent this sort of thing.

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Hi @smsm1 Please accept our apologies for the delay with the expected roll out for this, we understand and share the frustration of Zevvlers. Please be rest assured that this is our number one priority as a network and we are aiming to deliver it as quickly as feasibly possible. I’ll update further, later this week.

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That’s great to hear. I look forward to hearing the update.

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