Flux receipts


If you bank with either Monzo or Starling (with Barclays en-route), you can receive digital Zevvle receipts through Flux:

They’re disabled by default because we don’t want to send your data to a third party without your permission, and once enabled you can switch it off anytime.

Sorry about the lack of updates in the past few weeks — moving home took longer than expected with some complications, but we’re back working full-time. :sunglasses:

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I’ve got the flux toggle on in the zevvle app and flux are already connected to my Monzo account but this morning’s payment still doesn’t have a receipt attached. What am I missing?

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Stand by — a few transactions yesterday didn’t come with the required authorisation codes; we’ve re-sent them and asked for them to be re-matched.


The Flux receipt was also missing from my payment today in the Monzo app.

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Sent you a message :slight_smile:

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Got my first ever Flux receipt today! :tada: Thanks Zevvle!

Not sure what it means by “Duplicate Invoice” though. :man_shrugging:t2:

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It’s Flux’s default as they assume we’ve already sent you a receipt — not yet true, but it’s on the horizon so we haven’t asked them to change it. :slight_smile: :soon:

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What does the “view additional receipt information” bit show

Just various IDs:


I’ve just got an email to say Flux is shutting down. All data on the banking servers so no loss for previous receipts. No new ones though.

I guess it’ll be down to the old email receipts now or a PDF from the account page or similar?

Yes no more seeing the receipts in the Monzo app beside the transaction.

Such a shame and a very sudden announcement. I’ve always found it really useful.

The only place that I got them was Zevvle. I suspect it’s a space where it’s hard to make money as a business being a middle organisation. Having it as an open standard where it would go directly to the bank might work better.

I got a lot from my far too many orders to Just Eat!

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