Friday, July 12th


  • We’ve enabled rest-of-world roaming (except for data) – you can change these settings under Account > any SIM > International & Roaming.
  • We added a Foreign Pricing page, also under SIM > International & Roaming, where you can enter a country you’re visiting/calling and see the costs. This is a mostly-done work-in-progress (what?), as to see international rates from the UK, you first need to enter the UK and then the country you’re calling, which is 1 step too many…

Also, if you enter “UK,” Ukraine is the only result – technically the UK’s country code is GBR, but we’ll make that sensible in a future update.

We’re going to do the same on our website (i.e., a pricing search like the app), but that’s slightly behind and we’ll have it ready next week.


To support the in-app pricing and prevent defining it in 3 places (server, app & website), we added a JSON endpoint to our API which, for no particular reason, we’ve made public –{origin_code}/{destination_code} (the codes in either ISO 2 or ISO 3).

Both origin & destination are optional – the destination defaults to the origin, and the origin defaults to the UK.

For example, to get the costs of calling New Zealand from India, you can use All prices are in pence, and the calls (voice, incoming & voicemail) are per minute.


  • We’ve changed the pricing of MMS to match SMS, so it now costs 3p from Europe instead of 20p.

Have you started writing API docs yet? :wink: might be nice to have them updated as you make them to avoid having to delay the launch of the public API while you’re writing documentation!


The foreign pricing page is great, well done! Already had cause to use it and it’s really useful.


:sweat_smile: not yet! Haven’t started on making the API public to be honest, just a few things we need to do first…

Excellent! Good to hear.

It’s probably worth changing the wording on the Pricing and International pages to make this explicit, as MMS often costs more than SMS, so I wouldn’t necessarily assume Texts refers to MMS.

Maybe use wording similar to the European Roaming page: Messaging (SMS & MMS)?


Done :slight_smile: Our international & roaming pages need an update; you can see all the pricing under International & Roaming > Foreign Pricing in your SIM settings (buried I know, that’s changing).


I had a play with the pricing API as well, that was lots of fun!

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