Friday, June 26th — API webhooks 💻


(This is a technical update.)

We’ve just enabled webhooks for our API — here’s the documentation.

We’re supporting the 4 call record events for now (data, voice, sms & mms), but will add more in the future for SIM modifications and account charges. Updating your SIM(s) via API should be a thing, too…

Also, we haven’t added payload verification yet — we’ll do that later on. If you need it sooner let us know. :slight_smile:

For any off-topic dev questions we have the developers category.

Have a great weekend,

Nick :sun_behind_rain_cloud:


Just is case anyone really needs payload verification one option is to embed a secret key in the webhook URL, for example<some secret>.

As long as you don’t log this it has the same security as an Authorization header, but obviously not logging specific things isn’t always easy, so it’s definitely still a bit of a hack.