Honor 20 vs Honor 20 Lite

(Nick Slade) #1

Hi all,

Does anyone use an Honor 20 or Honor 20 Lite?

I am looking to get one and both have good and bad points, but I honestly cannot work ou which one would be best to go for!

(Nick Goodall) #2

Would help if I could, can’t say I’m the most avid android user :weary:

(Nick Slade) #3

I’m so fed up of the price of iPhones and the restrictions lol :joy:

(Nick Goodall) #4

That I agree with; still rocking an SE here, though a feature phone is looking more and more appealing…


Same here. But a smart watch is next on the list so I guess I’ll hold on to my SE for a little longer. Maybe a 5G-capable iPhone in 2020.

(Rosie) #6

I’ve only touched Xiaomi phones not Huawei :frowning: