How will launch look?

I’m guessing you can’t go into too much detail at this point, but I was wondering how launch may work in terms of how many SIMs will be available…

  • How many SIM cards will you release in your first batch?
  • How many users are on the waiting list for a SIM?
  • How will you decide who gets one? (first come first serve?)
  • How can we find out what position we are in the waiting list?

Sorry for all the questions. My phone contract comes to an end very soon and I’m keen not to get stuck on another contract I can’t get out of (I’m aware I could go PAYG)


TBD! Certainly enough for everyone here and more :slight_smile:

Under 1,000 at the moment, although we’re expecting that to change with a spicy referral program… :hot_pepper:

If you’re coming to get one in-person or have been on the forum (i.e., an early supporter like yourself – thank you!), you’ll be first in line. After that, it’ll be the waiting list sorted by 1) # of referrals and 2) when you signed up.

I’ll add that in when our referrals get a makeover, although you’re definitely near the top :slight_smile:

Hope that somewhat answers things!


Hey @nick,

Will porting be available from the get go?

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3/4 yes – we’re not planning to build it into the app from day 1, but can do it manually if you send us a PAC code. Unless requested otherwise, it’ll probably be something I work on when there’s a spare moment…

As a side note, new porting regulations are coming in on the 1st of July to make things easier. Ofcom weren’t happy with some networks playing hard-to-switch, so from July onwards you can change provider without contacting the one you’re leaving. And also, they (we, too!) have to ~immediately tell you what it’ll cost to leave, or any outstanding balances with PAYG. :slight_smile:


Ah that’s good news. Not come across that one but I’m mainly stuck in the “landline” porting world, which if you think PAC Codes are a pain is absolute bliss compared to the minefield that is the GNP process!

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I don’t dare think! :grimacing:

Didn’t this cause lots of issues with landlines when people were being switched to other providers without their express consent due to sharp business active by unscrupulous sales people?

What safeguards have been built in to prevent unwanted switching?

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I should have clarified – by ‘contacting’ I meant talking to a person. Understandably, Ofcom isn’t a fan of those unscrupulous sales people that you mention, so every network will have to offer an automated way to switch. :slight_smile:

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