Incorrect card charged

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A long time ago (many months) I had a different card on my account, which I removed and replaced with my main card. When I ran out of data this month, the 3GB add-on was charged to the old card - which I removed from Zevvle a long time ago!

Is Zevvle accidentally storing my card details even when I remove them from my account?

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As an aside, I notice my card was charged the full cost of the add-on despite having some cash balance that could’ve been charged instead. Is that intended?

Yes that is the intended way it works. The cash balance is for calls and texts, whilst data is directly charged for without touching the cash balance.

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I’m wondering if somehow the card used for the topups and the monthly payments are somehow stored separately in duplicate, I think they might use different payment mechanisms.

@nick would know more and be able to fix.


Hey, sorry about this @dan1elhughes — have sent you a message :slight_smile:

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