International Roaming (outside EU)

Sorry if this is covered I’ve been searching frantically for an answer though. Is there an update on international roaming outside the EU. I’m heading off to the U.S and I noticed that data roaming is not available

It’s not coming anytime soon because they want to bill £100+/GB last I checked

Hi James,

I’m afraid not – you can make calls & send messages, but data isn’t available (it’d be over £100/GB with our wholesale rates)…

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that’s shame… :slightly_frowning_face:

I assume this is an MVNO restriction… if the rate is that high do you see it coming down to a reasonable point any time soon

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Yep; it’s not great :confused:

Not with the current setup; we’ll do something about it as soon as we can!

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£100+ per GB!!?! How the hell do these companies justify the costs especially when they don’t even charge that on their own network?


If there is a justification, I haven’t heard it…

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Price gauging the little guy is pretty common - there’s no justification other than stopping a competitor!


Presumably this is another reason to get people on to contracts as well as including things like volte and wifi calling.

It is hard to stick to MVNO :thinking:

It’s not even about stopping competitors; even most big carriers have to pay much higher fees. It’s just that local carriers don’t want people with foreign SIMs to “feel at home” (to quote Three) and being able to potentially access better deals/features/user experience of the foreign carrier. So they charge insane prices (where they can get away with - in the EU for example regulation has put a stop to that) as a deterrent.

including things like volte and wifi calling

This is mostly just due to legacy tech and inertia. It’s hard to build that and get that to work (or they have to buy magic boxes from Ericsson & co and those cost lots of $$$) and they just don’t feel like it’s worth it. They will eventually have to though when they turn off their 3G networks since there’s no way to do voice calls on 4G/LTE without VoLTE (currently it drops you back to 3G when on a voice call).

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