Its been a while

Evening all!

I used to spend a lot of time on here and think I may have even joined the Zevvle forum within the first week of it opening?

Anyway, unfortunately my financial situation changed just before launch and I wasn’t able to join you all (boo). I’ve been keeping an eye on the forum and checking in every now and then, and hopefully now I’m in a position to pick up where I left off. Boy how you’ve grown!

I was just looking on the website and was playing around with pricing options, and have a question I’m hoping can be answered?

At the mo I am with Three, and pay £13 a month for 10GB, Unlimited Calls + Texts. Sim only contract.

Am I right in saying with Zevvle I could get 30GB data, unlimited calls + texts for £16 a month? I only want one sim (at the moment for myself) and dont want any additional Unlimited sims. Would the 1 sim I order be unlimited calls and texts?

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The 30GB with 1 SIM with PAYG calls and texts is £16, it’s an additional £4 for the unlimited calls and texts. If you rarely go above the equivalent of £4 of calls and texts at 3p per minute or text then the PAYG option is cheaper.

You have the number of SIM cards on the middle row and then the bottom row is the number of those SIM cards that have unlimited calls and texts. The unlimited calls and texts is an add on to the SIM.


Ah that makes sense! So your top picture is still only 1 sum card, it just includes unlimited calls/texts.

The bottom picture doesn’t include unlimited calls/texts so calls/texts are 3p per min/text

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Woo! Welcome back Nick :slight_smile: I appreciate it.

I see @smsm1 answered it already, but let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!