January Update

Hello fellow Zevvler!

I hope you’re having a happy and healthy start to 2023.

Starting with the details that I know many of you are interested in, the current timescales is a delivery date of late March / early April for VoWifi with eSIMS becoming available soon after this. I know both are developments many people are very keen to see and we can discuss further and any update to this, as well as our plans for implementation in an open meeting we are planning next month, details of which can be found later in this message.

We are keen to encourage more activity on these boards and wanted to open suggest a trial whereby one or two Zevvlers becoming moderators on the community forums with a view to stimulating some activity and coming up with some ideas of interesting posts and subjects to discuss. For a three month trial of this we would be willing to cover your costs for your bill with Zevvle (if you are on a shared tariff it would be the equivalent credit for your individual costs). If you are interested could you direct message @sibel please?

Thanks to everyone who has shared some extremely helpful and insightful ideas of developments to the app, please keep these coming. We will share with you the work that continues to be done in the coming months.

Next month we would like do things a bit differently for our monthly update by inviting you to an open video meeting for all Zevvlers. We of course understand that not everyone likes to join public meeting so rest assured, if you would rather just watch on in the background with your video turned off that’s absolutely fine but there will be the chance for anyone who wants to share their thought and / or ideas for the network too.

We plan to run it as a zoom meeting and anticipate that it would last for between 60 and 90 minutes.
This hasn’t been done before so we are not sure of the interest but the best way to find out is to give it a try! Could you please comment below if you have any suggestions on the best timing for this meeting please? For example if you would prefer during the working day, in the evening during the week or at weekends please?

We are working on some plans for a paid referral initiative that I think you may find interesting, full details will be sent next week but if you have any thoughts or suggestions on this please do get in touch.

We have two spaces at an upcoming mental health first aid course and Zevvle is willing to pay for two Zevvlers to attend. if you are interested in becoming a Mental Health First Aider, please do get in touch with me, I will need to offer the places on a first come first served basis.

Finally, In the event that things are tough for you, or anyone you know at the moment, I wanted to share the following link which you may find useful in locating targeted support from a suitable charity close to you https://hubofhope.co.uk/.

All my best and thanks again for your loyalty to Zevvle.



Interesting idea to run it as a video meeting. For me, the best time would be during the work day, as evenings and weekends are normally tricky due to family commitments. Appreciate it will likely be the other way around for others though!

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Thanks for the feedback @jcwacky it’s appreciated!