July update

Dear Zevvler

I wanted to get in touch to give an update on some areas of interest regardinf Zevvle.

The first is that I know we had a glitch with our usually efficient customer service last month. I wanted to apologise for the few people who were affected, I hope that the strong gestures made went some way to show how seriously we take this and how determined we are to make sure things work flawlessly in the future. With this in mind I want to announce that from August we will launch a phone contact for customer services for all Zevvlers. We would ask that for non urgent enquiries you still use the helpdesk (if possible) but if you would prefer to speak to someone or in the event of the enquiry being urgent please feel free to use this phone number.

We do have a call centre within our group of companies however for the foreseeable future this phone line will go to customer services instead and if nobody in customer services is available it will dial straight through to our Directors. This is to ensure you get the expertise you need to deal with your enquiry and also to show how importantly we are taking this.

We want to ensure that all Zevvlers are heard and with this in mind, owing to the fact that not everybody uses these forums we are planning to make a courtesy call to all customers over the next few weeks. If you would prefer not to receive this call, please message Sibel or myself.

I fully understand and share the frustration with the delays to the launch of eSims and VoWiFi calling. This has been a lesson for us in the importance of being very cautious on passing on estimates of delivery expectations from BT and instead building in buffers here to ensure we avoid disappointment. Nonetheless I want to pass on my apologies for the delays.

The latest on VoWiFi is that there are two final elements still be tested before live testing can be commenced on the new IT infrastructure.
Once the testing is successfully completed VoWiFi will then be available after a short observation period, making sure that everything is functioning correctly. It is at this point that Zevvle’s customer base will be migrated to the new IT infrastructure.

The eSIM project is running in parallel to this IT project and The latest information that I have is that this has been delayed due to the IT project delays. eSIM delivery is now scheduled for late autumn, which I understand is disappointing.

Please rest assured that we understand how important these implementations are to some Zevvlers and we couldn’t be clearer with the relevant stakeholders how urgently we would like to see both of these features launched.

In the meantime I wanted to thank you for your continued loyalty and finally to launch a new initiative whereby for any new customer you refer to Zevvle, upon them making their first payment to Zevvle you will enjoy a credit on your account equal to your previous month’s payment.

Yours sincerely



Hey, it’s totally chill! I’m sure many within the Zevvle community can understand when BT don’t keep to their scheduled dates. Thank you for the update with E-Sim’s, openness is appreciated. Perhaps not as disappointing as you might think, It’s nice to hear that it’s still being worked on and thought about. Thanks!


Well, you won’t be surprised, James, that I for one warmly welcome what you say about a customer service number - well done! (That’s of course notwithstanding the info you’ve already given me off-forum too.)

Nice one!


Many thanks for your kind responses @snuggle and @749121, they are greatly appreciated.

Happy to see updates like these more than anything!
I had a minor issue with turning on premium numbers to vote in Eurovision and customer service didn’t follow up after I told them their reply was too late but aside from that I love the “set and forget” nature of Zevvle. I haven’t touched the settings of the multi-sim until Eurovision because it just works exactly how I need it which is a treat :slight_smile:

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I’ll echo the above. I love getting the updates, even if it’s a simple monthly hello we still here working on things in the background with nothing to announce.

Zevvle being the set and forget mostly is wonderful, only needing to tweak the amount of data when there is likely to be a change of usage. Though the hardest part is planning the month ahead as changes can happen at short notice.