Just how many SIM cards can you buy?

Was poking about the Pricing page, and decided to just keep hammering the + button, and now I’m curious if you can legitimately buy 50 SIMs with 3000GB data? Is there a limit, and is 50 it?

Also, might want to prod your CSS guy to handle 4 numbers in that space: gotta think of those edge cases! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The order screen in-app is limited to 10, but if anyone needs more they’re welcome to message us! There is a usage limit of 60 GB per SIM per month, but otherwise we don’t have limits (except for the number of physical SIMs we have in-stock).

We’re focusing almost-exclusively on consumer mobile plans at the moment, but a few businesses with 50+ SIMs use the network as well. We’d like to do more on that front in the future…

Fixed! Made the containers a bit wider… :flushed: thank you.


Gosh, that was quick! Back when I was still in web dev, it would have taken a full cup of coffee before I was ready to stab at CSS. :grin:


To be honest I haven’t written custom CSS in a long while; I’m a convert to utility-first CSS (see Tailwind’s explainer) and it was a matter of changing a few classes. :sweat_smile:

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