Larger data allowances

Hi, is there any plans for larger data allowances? Thanks.

Hello @DT2004 and welcome to the community site! What sort of allowance did you have in mind? The maximum bundle presently is 60GB on one sim but this increases as more sims are added to an account.

We are aways keen on feedback and if there’s enough interest in a new tariff we will seriously consider offering it.

I’d love to see Zevvle compete with other networks aswell!

I was thinking maybe at least 100GB? Some EE MVNOs offer allowances up to that aswell :slight_smile:

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Any response?

For me being able to flex up without needing to fully predict it before the start of of the month is a feature that I’d be keen on. The amount of data is primarily dependant on the amount of travel I’m doing, as at home I’ve got WiFi and I’m mostly work from home now. The problem is trying to predict the data use a month ahead is not always possible.

The other option is to go down the route of speed capping, where the amount paid is based on the max speed used. Or maybe could go radical and go for some percentile based billing so you can burst beyond the cap for short periods.

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I’ve been watching the Zevvle project since October 2019 and it feels like they’ve gone downhill a bit. I thought Zevvle would be a challenger brand. The prices aren’t that great and are one of the highest prices out there for networks, especially with the cost of living crisis.

Not at all when you factor multi SIM shared data.


Thanks @smsm1 this is a useful perspective and are really interesting suggestions. Much appreciated, you have my assurances they’ll be discussed in the next strategy meeting.

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I’m sorry to hear that @DT2004, thanks for your loyalty it really is appreciated. Every single Zevvler is extremely important to us, none more so than those who have been on this journey for so long. Even as the network grows over the next few months and beyond, nobody who is part of this network will ever be regarded as a statistic. As one of the owners of the network I’ll always ensure I’m available to listen to feedback and help with any issues no matter how big we get. I’m happy to give any long standing Zevvlers my direct email address or phone number to discuss through any ideas or issues you may have (drop me a DM if this would be helpful).

This was one of the key motivations for us wanting to join this industry. Even with a lot of sims it became clear to us that the big network we had been with for more than 10 years was not really ‘in our corner’. We never felt there was a sense of loyalty and partnership. This is something we don’t want any Zevvler to feel, ever and we hope some new initiatives and announcements over the coming months will reassure you of this.

We are constantly looking at pricing, as @Kolok says we feel the ability to share sims is a great feature of the network and one that gives our customers advantages over the vast majority of the industry.

Once again I appreciate the suggestion of the larger data bundles and this is something we have been discussing, it is very likely we will be offering a larger bundle this year, we are just working through some factors that doing so raises. Thanks again.


Thanks @Kolok :blush:

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