Login issues – 22nd August, 2019


We’re having trouble with logging in at the moment, causing logouts and, if you’re able to log in, directing you to order a SIM.

Currently investigating why that’s happening and will keep you posted.



This is now fixed and you can log in again. As for what happened…

I was updating one of our dependencies which needed a restart of our web server. After said restart, the web server started redirecting production traffic to our staging environment, which currently lives on the same physical server. Of course our staging app doesn’t know anything about production, so any requests were unauthorised and the app logged you out.

Noticing this (our admin dashboard went offline), I reverted to a previous version and re-deployed. Alas, the deed was done, and what I failed to realise is that the web server didn’t restart on this second deploy. After some prodding around I found out, restarted the web server and we’re back in business.

Your data is safe, and this didn’t affect our billing server, only the API (i.e., access to our app).

I’m sorry about the trouble. :confused:


Thanks for the update. These things do happen, and it’s a good opportunity to retool and ensure monitoring continues to work under all circumstances :slight_smile:. I do love a good explanation when things go wrong, like Monzo’s recently.