Modify settings, SIM status indicators and chat support


A few things today:

  1. You can now modify SIM settings, and multiple at once. The downside is you need to press ‘Save’, but we may do an automatic timeout in the future so you don’t need to remember it. The only one missing is for non-geographic numbers, which we’ll add when top-ups are working.
  2. SIM cards now have status indicators for switching/activating/deactivating, etc.
  3. Added chat support in the bottom right. We’re moving to HelpScout from Intercom so you may have messages in both places until we update the mobile apps. We’ll use that as the basis for our help articles/FAQ going forward; they do need some love…

Enjoy your evening :slight_smile:

- Nick


If you make the bar containing the save button for aim settings persistent like the sim selector on the usage tab, then a manual save button is quite nice, I think, as it allows one an easy way to back out of changes.

Not quite sure I follow — do you mean as it is now, or something else? The button is only enabled if there are changes to make.

I mean, I prefer to have an explicit Save button, so as it is right now on the web is good, but, you can easily scroll the Save button out of view, on a mobile phone, so if there was a way that it is always visible even while you scroll settings, then that would be better.

Hope that makes more sense :slight_smile:


It does, thank you! Was thinking about a sticky header on that page actually…


It would be nice if the International & Roaming section wasn’t behind a javascripty tab.

You could show both sections (and hide the tab bar) by default, then switch to the current layout with javascript if/when it’s enabled, or something along those lines.


Done :slight_smile: Have updated the layout of that page completely, and I think I prefer it like that anyway…


I like it too. :smiley: Thank you.

Noticed that the chat button sits on top of the toggle switches, making the bottom switch hard to get at.


Yes… not sure the best place for it; maybe the header…