Monday, 10th February — In-app pricing and roaming notifications


A couple of things for a Monday — we’ve made the pricing clearer in-app for different SIM types, including if you’re on our old pricing model. It’ll now show your pricing, not the latest (or give several options if you have multiple SIMs with different plans).

With our tiered pricing, we named one of the SIMs ‘Limitless’ (for unlimited calls and texts), but it was only intended as a placeholder so if you have a better suggestion we’d love to hear it!

Finally, roaming notifications now make sense for the tiered pricing (including if you have the unlimited calling bundle on the old pricing):


(The notification you get depends on the SIM.)

More soon!

Nick :slight_smile:

*If you have a bigger phone the notification shouldn’t wrap onto 4 lines like the above :nauseated_face:.


Unlimited calls and text or limitless calls and texts, however they are way too long. Unlimited old style calling? Still too long. It’s there a phrase for the old style calls and texts that’s succinct?

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