Monday, June 10th

It’s an Android day! :robot:


  • Push notifications for low balance, auto top-ups and support messages. We don’t (yet?) notify for usage (e.g., 13.2p for your call to 07123 456789), but let us know if that’d be useful…
  • A more sensible email open link.

You’ll need to download a new version of the app to get these – either on Google Play* or the apk directly.

*Make sure it’s version 1.0.1; the update may not have propagated yet…

EDIT: If you had already installed the app, you’ll need to reinstall it for Intercom to register the notifications correctly.


Good to see the Android notifications. I know some PAYG operators provide a current balance after every call or text, which I found rather annoying.

I would be more interested in an abnormal or high usage notification. For example I’ve been on a long call and I have used a significant amount of data. It’ll be hard to get right as to what the thresholds would be, as each person will be different.

Having each notification on different notification “channels” means that I can set different notification sounds and led etc for each notification type.


Run an average for a day’s usage in the last week and notify if any charge ends up being more than half of the average day’s usage.

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I like the direction, as the data usage appears to be a single charge per day that you can drill into. If I only use data in a day, then I would get a notification half way through each day that I’m using the average.

A notification when the daily cost is twice the rolling average from the past 2 weeks is something that could work for me. My usage is a little spikey, e.g. on days that I commute, I’ll tether my laptop for a bit, thus can end up with around 10 or 100 times the usage of other days. Similar when I’m on holiday and not using wifi. Not a simple problem to get right for everyone without getting overload in notifications.

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