Monday, October 26th — a detective easter egg 👀


We added an easter egg to our homepage, and if you find it you’ll get 1 GB of non-expiring data and a new “detective” badge:

How will you know if you find it? You’ll know…

The 1 GB only applies to shared data accounts, although anyone can get the badge.


  • We’ve changed how the “early switcher” badge works; previously it was switching number within the first 3 months of Zevvle existing, which cut off everyone who joined later. Now, it’s for anyone who switches number within the first month of signing up. We’ve backdated this as well, so you should see it in-app under the Profile screen if you qualify (let us know if that’s not the case!).
  • Added the Z-cash icon to NGN numbers in-app. #crypto

No longer broken

  • The switching number screen date selector was wrapping to multiple lines on some iPhones. No moar.
  • During login & signup on some newer iPhones the buttons at the bottom were being cut off.

Back soon. :eyes:


Could the change plan and billing pages please mention any bonus amounts of data through the Easter egg(s) or referral schemes.

Nice, looks like someone who is blind and using a screen reader will be able to take advantage of the detective Easter egg too. Get the accessibility right, and you could have a selling point there for that community.

Oh I like the animation when tapping top logo.


Good point, will add it! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Damn I give up, still can’t find the Easter Egg.

(I am a bit confused how it can link you to a Z account though without you entering your phone number at some point).

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It’s in an image. :wink:

Found it :grinning:


Ha! Love it! Very clever. :smile:


Found it :grinning:


This is a very minor thing, and is maybe me being too pernickety, but since I am not American, and to the best of my knowledge neither Zevvle or you @nick are American, I’m not sure why there is a flagrant Americanism in the app? I did my damndest to wipe from the face of the earth any trace of the word colour that doesn’t prominently feature a ‘U’ when I lived in the U.S., which was quite the task as you can imagine, and not wholly successful I must admit, but unless you are preparing the big Zevvle launch across the Atlantic, I think maybe we could keep the ‘U’ in there unless you have a specific desire otherwise… :wink:


That made me throw up a little bit, thank you for pointing it out. It’s all fixed now. :face_vomiting:

Most code is ‘American,’ e.g. to set the colour of text or a background in the app (or on the web), it’s always color, and this one slipped me by. :slightly_frowning_face:


Is it still there? :man_facepalming: Think I found it… :man_shrugging:

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It is! We have no intentions of removing it ;p


That’s good because I haven’t found it yet :man_facepalming:

0h noes.

There might just be a clue there.