Wednesday, November 4th — moar notifications, reliable notifications and deep links 🔗

Hello :blush:

Shiny new things

Deep links!

Notifications can now take you to a specific page of the app. For example, if we recommend you change plan at the end of the month, tapping on the notification will now take you to the relevant screen:

Data remaining notifications

If we think you’re about to run out of data, we’ll send you a notification:

It’ll be at-most 3 hours away, but maybe less if you’re using a lot — it’s a rolling prediction based on your last 15 minutes of usage (or the whole account if there are multiple SIMs).

We’ll only send these once per day, if at all.

We weren’t able to get percentage used notifications done in time (e.g., “You’ve used 60% of your data and we think you’ll run out in 5 days.”), but they’re on their way!

Missed call notifications

This is experimental and requires voicemail enabled:

By ‘experimental’ we mean the notification isn’t guaranteed as it requires the caller to connect to voicemail, otherwise we don’t know about it from the call records. If they hang-up while it’s ringing we won’t be able to notify you.

It’s per-SIM, and you can enable this under any SIM’s settings.

Referral notifications

Whenever you get an extra GB for someone joining, we’ll let you know:


  • Anyone you referred that is part of the same account won’t count towards any referral data (this was effective from last month, but we hadn’t documented it yet).

Notification reliability

Before today, we used to send a notification, make a note that we sent it and hope for the best (for important ones we’d send an email if you had disabled push notifications).

Now, we’re recording them properly and will re-attempt delivery if they fail, finally sending an email after a few attempts in the case of what we consider “important” messages, e.g. you’ve run out of data or credit (not ones like additional referral data or welcoming you to a country).

No longer broken

Known bugs

  • On some Android’s, pressing buttons can take unreasonably long — we’re fixing that with an app store update this week.
  • Loading the app is sometimes too slow due to over-the-air updates; we’re going to change how these work to make loading quicker.

More soon,

- Nick :slight_smile:



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is this missed call notification for when your phone is off? Because my phone will let me know in it’s call logs when I’ve missed a call.

If this is for when I my phone was off then, ahem, visual voice mail :wink:

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Visual voicemail will only be useful if the caller leaves a voicemail.

If your phone is off, and you don’t use a phone with the Zev app or smart phone, then, ahem, SMS alert :wink:

@nick this is a great start thanks for this update

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Everything’s actually ready for SMS notifications, we just haven’t plugged in the final connection, and we need to do a little forecasting first — unfortunately SMS isn’t free (e.g. ~3p/SMS from Twilio, and other providers aren’t much better).

With a little more work, we could set up our own SMS gateway… :thinking:


Getting the app updated is taking longer than we hoped for this time, so we’ll have the update out early next week. :pray: